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History of ProWorld

ProWorld was founded in 1998 in Peru by Peruvian-American, Richard Webb. ProWorld grew to deliver programs throughout South America, Asia and Africa and established ProWorld Ghana in 2010. The ProWorld model contributes volunteer labor and modest financial support to partner organizations and implements internal-led development initiatives e.g. the installation of clean burning stoves, construction of classrooms and public health campaigns. ProWorld was acquired by Intrax Cultural Exchange from 2010-2015, which helped the ProWorld brand expand its customized university group program and global internship offerings.

During this time ProWorld Ghana placed over 200 interns in fields from micro-finance to public health; and its faculty-led group program roster was built to include prestigious universities e.g.: The University of Missouri, University of South Florida, Boston University, New York University, Doctoral candidates from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Cincinnati’s African Student Union leadership, and Florida Gulf Coast University.

ProWorld Ghana Today

Today ProWorld Ghana continues to fulfill the ProWorld Mission: to promote social and economic development, empower communities, and cultivate educated and empowered global citizens. Operating as a local Ghanaian registered NGO in the Cape Coast metropolis with a field site in Keta, Ghana’s Volta Region. Though ProWorld Ghana no longer has corporate financial support and marketing, it has successfully maintained university relationships and continues to deliver high-quality programs in service to the community. ProWorld Ghana has effectively completed and initiated a number of internal projects including e.g. the construction of a multi-purpose center for the rural community of Ayedwe and public health campaigns around water, sanitation and hygiene.

Today’s ProWorld Ghana is locally-led, culturally-sensitive, promotes diversity and emphasizes impact. With nominal resources we continue the ProWorld tradition of financially supporting our partner organizations with a minimum contribution of $400-$1000 on our participants’ behalf. ProWorld Ghana has contributed in excess of $250,000 directly to community organizations and local partners based on this business and development model.

ProWorld Ghana university groups and interns may choose to collaborate on an internally-led project including: Rural development for the Ayedwe Community or Water, Hygiene and Sanitation; currently around menstrual hygiene management education for girls. Additionally, you have the option have a customized placement designed where you will support the work of a partner organization in public or clinical health, education, micro-finance and more.

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