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Partnerships for rural Africa

Why focus on rural Africa?

Part of the Africa Our Home mission is to support sustainable development in Togo and in Ghana, West Africa. The International Labor Organization estimates two thirds of Africa’s population live in rural areas depend on agriculture for their livelihoods and 60% are in poverty. Creative ways towards improving the living conditions and income of rural African communities is essential for sustainable development. In this light, Africa Our Home’s Link2Grow project funnels resources and creates avenues for partnerships to support rural farmers in two communities: Blitta, Togo and Ayedwe, Ghana.

Link2Grow in Blitta, Togo

The Royal Tropical Institute asserts investment in smallholder land use is a first step towards poverty reduction. Africa Our Home purchased a hectare of land in Blitta, Togo for Teak Tree Planting. Teak wood is typically cultivated for use in high quality furnishings, for electricity and for telephone poles. Alternatively, tree-planting projects are often encouraged around the world as a way to offset carbon emissions to help curb climate change. Link2Grow in Togo employs local farmers to plant and maintain a growing Teak plantation. The objectives of this project are to: 1) provide an income generating opportunity for rural farmers; 2) develop partnerships to train community on best agriculture and land use practices and 3) to mitigate carbon emissions through forestry.

Link2Grow in Ayedwe, Ghana

Our partnership with the community of Ayedwe (meaning “it is hard”), was initiated in 2011 by a ProWorld Ghana (PWG) Alumna who worked with her PWG project partner to successfully install a well providing clean water to the community of almost 500 rural farmers. In 2013, PWG seeking a rural community partner returned to Ayedwe, remembered for their dedication to improving their community. Through a series of meetings with local leadership, including the Chief, Nana Ayedwe, the PWG-Ayedwe partnership was realized. The mutually beneficial objectives of the partnership are to work hand-in-hand to engage in projects that improve the quality of life for Ayedwe members while offering an impact driven service-learning experience for PWG participants.

The relationship commenced with an assessment of over 200 Ayedwe members conducted by 19 PWG interns trained on the “voting beans method”. The first project realized based on this assessment is the construction of a large multi-purpose center. The center provides the only covered gathering structure which has resulted in multiple benefits including: 1) space for health outreach workers to conduct vaccinations and screenings; 2) income generating opportunity for wedding/funeral rental and 3) provides space for development of a school.

Your Role as a Global Citizen

Support economic development for two rural African communities: Blitta and Ayedwe by joining our AOH Global Program: Discover-Togo as an intern or lead a Custom Group. Work on our teak plantation and educate farmers on best land-use practices. Additionally, help grow our teak plantation through purchase of additional hectares and trees for planting. In Ayedwe, continue the work consecrated by the late Chief Nana Ayedwe to create a healthy community. We continue to advocate for clean water, health outreach, for access to farm processing equipment and to maximize use of the PWG-Ayedwe community center as educational space for children who are unable to afford the travel to primary school.

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