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History of Togo

Togo is the narrowest country in Africa at a width of 86 miles. It is bordered by Ghana to the west, Burkina Faso to the North, Benin to the east and the gorgeous Atlantic coast to the south. Known as the “Pearl of West Africa”, Lomé, Togo’s Capital opens its doors to Africa’s interior through extensive trade at its port.

In the early 20th century Togoland was a German protectorate encompassing today’s Ghana Volta Region and Togo. During WWI Togoland was divided among the French and the British. French Togoland became Togo and the British administered Ghana. In 1960 French Togoland became the independent Republic of Togo. The French influence is present everywhere in Togo today most notably in the cuisine. Restaurants in Togo are some of the best in Africa; and you find boulangeries selling baguettes and decadent pastry at pâtisseries up and down the country.

Discover-Togo in Togo

Like many emerging economies Togo is a mixed bag of promise amidst challenge. Income stratification is high, according to the GINI index income share held by the highest 20% of the population is 51.61% compared to 4.83% held by the lowest 20% of the population. The country is dependent on agriculture and half of the population lives below the international poverty line of $1.25 a day.

Discover-Togo participants greatly contribute by filling in the gaps of an unbalanced society. Schools from primary to university levels lag behind global standards; evidenced by the many college graduates who have yet to send a simple e-mail with an attachment. As one of the poorest countries on the globe, Togo can’t afford to continue to lag behind the 21st Century.

Discover-Togo university groups and interns may choose to collaborate on an Africa Our Home internally-led project including: Girls in Technology, Water, Hygiene and Sanitation, Farming and Teaching English; or we will customize a placement where you will support the work of a partner organization in health care, education, journalism and more.

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